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06-26-2008, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
I don't disagree with your plan, but you have to give to get and are you ready to give up certain players?

Here's what the team currently looks like (it's a cut and paste, so ignore the parentheses):

Dawes (21) (although Dawes still needs to be qualified) - Gomez (20) - Prucha (20)
Korpikoski (6) -Drury (22) - Cally (14)
Byers (4) -Dubi (11) - G. Moore (7)
Hollweg (2) - Betts (6) - Orr (2)


Potter (3) - Staal (3)
Girardi (11) - Tyutin (7)
Backman (8) - Pock (6)

Is the above a team that will compete? Should Dubi be with guys who are in their first NHL seasons? Should Korps be in a role he may not yet be ready to be in? Of course not, and I think you're saying this. Now, the holes need to be filled, and with whom do you fill them? There are a few wingers available, and there are many buyers out there, so there's no guarantee the Rangers can get one of them. As such, a guy like Jagr probably should be on the radar. At a minimum, is it good for Dubi to continue to play with Jagr? I'm not sure it hurts. The guy scored 70 points playing with a rookie in Dubi and a loser in Hossa for the first fifth of the season. The stop gap is so the team can continue to compete while prospects develop (and are not blocked). Otherwise, as you see above, you have Korps on a second line. Dubi centering two rookies, which may not do much for Dubi's development.

As for trades - who do you give up and what type of player do you get? Is now the right time to get that young stud, with so many holes to fill, or is now the time to continue to grow the prospects and go for that guy later?

I get your point, but just think at this stage, Jagr should be an option. Sundin's another story. I'm just not in love with Drury moving to wing, even though depth at wing is weak. Perhaps I can get used to it, if Drury can of course, but I just hate moving people around.
Excellent post. With that lineup, we can say hello to Tavares or Hedman next year....not that I wouldn't mind that . The Rangers absolutely have to make some quantity for quality trades this offseason if they want to make the playoffs next year. You also brought up the point of Jagr, and while I believe he is an option, whether or not he signs here will dictate the future path that the Rangers take. If he doesn't sign here, Slats has the option of standing pat or making a run at Hossa. If Jagr comes back, it will signal one last run at the Cup for him. To be honest, I'd rather go into rebuilding mode again and see what the kids can do if Jagr decides to leave.

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