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06-26-2008, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Forechecker View Post
I think Sam, Joe, and especially JD when he was here, have a lot more access to the front office than you guys think. He's at the training center, he's at MSG, he talk to agents, players, coaches, equipment guys, etc. I am sure he knows what's BS and what's legit speculation. What some in this forum have done is jump to the conclusion that Sam said there are agreements in place with all of these guys, and that would be tampering.

Sam's HIGHLY informed opinion is what he told to BGG, nothing more. If you guys want to take it as truth just to rip BGG on Tuesday, that's cool. Most sane people look at this and say "hey, that's some cool info coming from an inside guy, so maybe we really have a shot at some of these guys!".

Here's the deal on Sam, I don't think he's capable of lying to fans. What he says on air is what he needs to keep his job, but when you meet him and ask him a direct question you just get the feeling he NEEDS to tell you the truth, or as much as he knows. It's like a catharsis for what he can't say on air.

thanks Forechecker

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