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06-26-2008, 10:46 PM
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Rangers have a better record with Avery BUT

Not good enough. They still fall short when they really need to step up in the 2nd round. Teams get right serious and Sean starts to look like a 3rd liner not a top 6. Hes good, but not top 6 good. Hes not really the answer to what the Rangers ultimately need to get better. They need more bona fide scoring talent on the top 6.

From a fans perspective Sean is awesome. Non drafted, lots of hustle, piss and vinegar. Very identifiable to a NY fan. But if asks for top 6 money and cant deliver top 6 goods when they are needed most....

Its easy to say Dude wise up and take Sathers deal and stay in a town that digs you, but if they are a MILLION DOLLARS apart and he can get that $$$ somewhere else....

The Guy just spent some quality time in the hospital with a potential career ending spleen injury, envisioning all sorts of scenarios Im sure. Hockey players careers are always hanging by a thread. One hit, errant puck, awkward turn and it could be over.

Maybe the best thing for Sean Avery is to take the extra $$$ he gets offered somewhere else. Cant fault him. But he will be missed whenever they play the Devils

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