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06-03-2004, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan
. . . Pittsburgh just signed their own picks instead of them going back in the draft, Talbot and Christensen (who was looking for first round money . . . hmmm, sound familiar), and yet the Rags seem to have been unable to sign RJ Umberger . . . oh, wait, the Pens are first in the running to sign him too. Enough with the money rumors, that Jagr deal seems to have forever skewed the perception of Pittsburgh. True. we can not throw money around at worthless players like some teams can, and never will have anything close to an $80 million plus payroll, but we certainly are not as poor as some here make us out. If we want Malkin we certain can afford the rookie salary, especially if a Cap of some sort comes into play, a new arena is built (as seems likely with slots on the verge of approval) and yes, will afford his fee to get out of Russia. We averaged 11,500 fans this past years after finishing last this year, next to last last year, and averaged close to 16,000 when we were winning not so long ago. Keep dreaming though.
I forget if the city actually did go bankrupt or are still on the verge but don't think there is a chance for a new stadium for the Pens unless all the government money comes from the state and not the city.

As far as the organization, Pittsburgh can afford Malkin if they wanted him. It's a matter of IF they do or if they can get some deal from another team that management feels is better for the organization in the long run than taking Malkin now.

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