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06-03-2004, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Blueshirt13
I forget if the city actually did go bankrupt or are still on the verge but don't think there is a chance for a new stadium for the Pens unless all the government money comes from the state and not the city.

Actually most of the funding is supposed to come from the state, the real hold up was the funding, through slots, and that is on the verge of passing. It is amazing to me that Howard Baldwin is mentioned as a possible new owner for the Pens, even in passing. He was offered a new stadium and turned it down taking the short term money instead. And he wants another chance? . . . please . . . but the slot money for state funding now appears to be in place, a stadium is happening.

As far as the organization, Pittsburgh can afford Malkin if they wanted him. It's a matter of IF they do or if they can get some deal from another team that management feels is better for the organization in the long run than taking Malkin now.

Now this I can agree with, but it will not be for the beads and trinkets some here say is all that it would take. The Pens seem to love Malkin from everything that I have read, but if someone wants to blow them away with the type of offer that has been mentioned for AO, which is what it would also take to get Malkin, he is all yours.

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