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Originally Posted by RUSqueelin View Post
What the myth is that players intentionally decided not to give Wayne a bodycheck or the ref's made sure no hit him or he had a free ride. This is the myth. Gretzky avoided contact like the plague during actual play. That's where his smarts came in like peopke are saying etc etc etc. Opposition tried like heck to lay Gretzky out with a bodycheck, it was nearly impossible. Watch some old games.
Originally Posted by willus3 View Post
How do you then explain all of the times I witnessed where a player could have been physical with Gretzky and would have been with any other player but weren't with him? Go back and watch some 80's Oiler's games. It won't take long before you see it happen if you watch for it.
Yes he was good at eluding hits but he was not "unhittable" like people are trying to say. A lot of times they could hit and just didn't or let up a lot.
I do think he was pretty funny that Dale Hunter slowed down as he approached Gretzky in the corners and along the boards. He did this consistently and repeatedly, i.e. multiple times in almost every game against Wayne. With any other player, Hunter smashes them silly.

I don't think it was any one thing. I think many players recognized that Gretzky was a special talent, good for the game, etc. They respected what he was doing for the game so they gave him a pass. OTOH, players like Semenko and McSorley were there as a deterrent for those that didn't have the same respect.

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