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06-03-2004, 11:44 AM
Dave Carlson
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Originally Posted by Blindside9711
I'm a Kinese major and I'm 99% sure that the labrum is in your shoulder area...
Oh well, it's only Burke... as long as Esche recovers and Niitts is in good health, there's nothing to worry about. hop
Youre right, it is in the shoulder.
I was curious and found this.
"Labral Tear
The labrum of the hip is the fibrous cartilage (similar to the meniscus in the knee) that runs around the bony rim of the acetablum (the hip socket). The labrum deepens the socket adding stability to the hip joint as well as cushioning the joint itself"
I think Labrum might just be a general term for the cartilage in ball and socket joints.

That site also explains how operations are usually only done when it begins to affect playing ability, and full recover is from 8-12 weeks. So it seems pretty reasonable that he would play in the world cup.

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