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06-03-2004, 12:44 PM
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Hockey will never be a popular sport in this country because it isn't an American sport. Our arrogance and ethnocentrism towards other countries is evident in politics and sadly it is evident in sports, as well. You have all seen how many times the 'typical' European stereotypes have been referenced on this board. We are in the minority by having open minds and watching this great game.

As far as marketing players with charisma, how about Roenick, Hull, Modano? Hockey has something that many other sports don't have. Good looking guys. Start marketing some of the pretty-boys like Amonte, Modano, and Dipietro. How does Iginla have charisma all of the sudden? From what I've seen and heard he's like your typical Canadian player. Or maybe it's that whole black thing.

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