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06-27-2008, 01:52 PM
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I am one of very few that have considered Tanabe to be sand bagging his injury this entire time. I know that head injuries and concussions in particular are no joke but Carolina wasn't pleased with the amount of contact he was keeping with the organization about his progress.

Tanabe will never play another shift in the NHL. I can almost assure you of that. I think he saw the writing on the wall and wined and dine Carolina to pick him back up to get promised money for the next two years. If it worked out he was able to play, then great, but if he got injured in the slightest then it just simply wasn't worth it for him to come back and finish the contract. Since the injury he has done nothing to contact Carolina and didn't seem interested in getting back into playing shape either in his physical or mental. He really roped Carolina into taking a chance on him and this is how he repaid them.

Hamilton looked like one of the biggest free agent discoveries known to man when his confidence was high and he was being productive on the point of the powerplay. He still has one of the best shots i've ever seen but the only place he can use it is from the point on the powerplay and he has far too much rattle in his stick to hold that job down.

If a team can catch him on high confidence and put him into a role where he can have success then he'll be a valuable 15-20 goal scorer for somebody. He has the natural talent... but aside from his shot the only real attribute the guy has is slightly above average speed. He was exposed as his role increased with Carolina to the extent that he didn't even look like the same player that he did in October by the time December came around.

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