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Originally Posted by lrodptl View Post
The man said it's true, Semenko says it's true, Sather coments on it to Brian Burke in an interview,Gretzky gives Semenko a car,Gretzky requests McSorley to accompany him in a trade to LA and everyone knew it at the time and revisionist history is a lie by you or anyone else.
Actually he doesn't. In fact he says the exact opposite.

I went ahead and scanned the pages from his autobiography to prove it because I wanted it in his own words.....

....O.K.'s the point where all the conspiracy people say;

"Oh...well...o.k., I was wrong about Gretz, but he's full of it anyway! Everybody else admits it though!"

....Onward and upward....

EDIT: As far as the car he won and gave to Semenko, Gretz says in the book that it was meant as a sign of recognition of how valuable he was to the team. (Funny story; he brings up Dave being put on his line that year for a while and scoring 6 goals in 7 games....and then ending the year with a grand total of 12, lol). He also notes that Dave had recently been ripped off of more than 100,000 dollars by an agent and was having serious money problems at the time, read into that what you will.

He also brings up that he has never really known what to spend his money on, (lol nice problem to have). "I'm not into buying 40 million dollar Van Goghs or anything, the only thing I splurge on is cars". He also gave a Bentley that he was "sick of driving" to Messier.....I guess that tells you something to.

ONE LAST EDIT: The McSorley story:

People can, and are, going to believe what they want, but lets not put words into anyone's mouths

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