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06-27-2008, 05:53 PM
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People over-do what he did. He hit moore in the back of the head. Yes, he's stronger than most, if not all of us, and he had an intent to injure or at least get moore's attention, so it obviously wasn't right, but it's the outcome that put him in a hole. Moore could never play hockey again, and I don't think that was berts intention. 'Premeditated' isn't exactly right IMO, he challenged him to fight, when he declined, he got frustrated and did something stupid. If Moore stood back up, bertuzzi would've got a review from the league and maybe a couple games suspension(especially back then when they didn't crack down like now). If I punch someone in the back of the head(which isn't the strongest of spots, let someone give you a nice punch in back of the head, you'll feel dizzy as ******* assuming you don't get knocked out) and he'd get a concussion, I may have went too far, but to say I'd be a criminal is a little extreme. To give this perspective, if someone gave your bestfriend(he and naslund are bestfriends) a concussion and then they walked away, I'd probably try and knock him out too. Doesn't mean it's right, doesn't mean it's not human either.

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