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06-28-2008, 05:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Hub City Hab View Post
I think Dandenault might be a candidate to be traded rather than bought out. He isn't completely useless and his salary isn't exhorbitant. Those qualities might make him attractive to someone. If the Habs buy him out it will cost us over $800,000 against our cap and that is room we will badly need over the next couple of years.

On the other hand an additional draft choice for 2009, even if it is a mid to late-rounder, would be a nice plum with the draft being held in Montreal
But the scenario where somebody would actually trade for him probably only comes about once the season has started up (and maybe not until the deadline). Indeed, it could be there. Teams need experienced defensemen, and he skates well and wears rings. But right now, if a team needs a depth veteran, they get one cheaper on the UFA market than $1.75M.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
The problem with keeping Dandenault is you probably have a disgruntled player on your hands. ASt least if you buy him out he only costs you a 0.5 cap hit or whatever and you can put a Stewart or D'angostini in his spot that will be happier in that role and have a future on the team possibly.
I honestly don't think Stewart or D'Agostini are ready, or superior to Dandenault, so I don't see any advantage in making the decision on that basis. Although of course there's ample opportunity during training camp for those tables to be turned. In which case, it's no harm whatsoever to us if it's Dandenault in Hamilton (or sulking at home) instead of one of those guys. But it wouldn't be smart to EXPECT that, or rely on it.

Dandenault is a professional, he can be disgruntled or not, although he has 1.75M reasons not to be, and hopefully he appreciates that reality.

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