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06-28-2008, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by FutureGM97 View Post
How do you know? No one knows how someone like Rolston or Ryder or another winger might mesh with Gomez.
Please never mention Ryder again.

TERRIBLE choice for this team.

Originally Posted by jas View Post
You do understand why they Rangers don't want to go past one year, don't you? They want to be able to have the flexibility to add other players. Sign Jagr to more than one year, then you can't give him a bunus-laden contract, and roll those bonuses into next year. You lose close to $3 million in cap space. It has nothing to do with "being the captain" and everything to do with the high-wire act that is putting together a roster in the salary cap era.
These are Jagr homers, these guys would have him here scoring 10 points playing on our 4th line at 50 years old, and try to find a way to make it out like he was doing something worthwhile.

While they have one or two legitimate reasons as to why Jagr should be resigned, I can think of double, if not more, as to why we should move on.

Originally Posted by ThirdEye View Post
You don't know what you're talking about

Jagr may not be as "good" as he was 2 years ago and whatnot, but he was the best player in the playoffs before the team exited. He was averaging 1.5 ppg!
And he was averaging less than .5 ppg into January.

As for Hossa, I don't consider him on the same level as Jagr, even when Jagr is not at his best he is still far more dominant imo. Even with his great numbers, I still consider Hossa somewhat of a complimentary player rather than an elite talent. He played with Crosby and Malkin during the playoffs, Jagr played with a rookie as his center and still outscored him. End of story
Maybe Hossa isn't on the same level as the Jagr of 1993-2006, but Hossa's had the edge from 07-today. Hossa before he left Atlanta was outscoring Jagr by a considerable margin, and was playing with far less talent than Jagr.

Hossa didn't play on a line with Malkin. He played with Crosby and Dupuis, that was their top line ever since he was traded there.

Secondly, stop exaggerating everything. That second round could have gotten either way had we gotten a little luckier. The officials clearly favored the Pens, we had two big injuries in Drury and Avery, and still most of the games were decided by a goal. It wasn't as one sided as you seem to insist. Yes the better team won, but just one goal could have turned that series around.
Could they have won? Maybe if they didn't blow that 3-goal lead in game 1, but we were clearly outplayed. I agree that the calls were ****, but we were still outplayed. Hossa definitely got the best of Jagr in that series, as he was the player that put the knife in the Rangers. Not Crosby, who we shutdown. You want to make an argument for Malkin? Fine, but there wasn't a player aside from Malkin who was scoring with the consistency that Hossa was against the Rangers in that series.

Also, the "your team is either a cup contender or not" is simple BS. We've seen tons of "Cup Contender" teams exit early in the last few years. A good team that's hot in my opinion has the same chance to win a Cup as a better team that's cold. Streaks like these just are as important as anything else. Had the Rangers won a game and gone 2-2 except lost and gone 3-2 (which could have easily happened), it might have been a different series altogether.
This argument wreaks of the fact that you think cinderella's win it almost every year.
A better team is going to win, a majority of the time. Pittsburgh was better defensively. They won. Detroit had the best defense in the NHL, they won. This team is NOT a cup contender, and won't be until they retool their defense.

Not only that, but how are we going to be a cup contender when Jagr has to save it for the playoffs? You think this year was bad, where he went on a 31-game powerplay goal drought, and went on two others that spanned more than 10 games, you think it's going to get any better from here on out? Hello, anyone out there? The guy is aging. Maybe if the season was 40 games plus playoffs, but not an 82 game schedule. Something tells me from the way he played this year that he just can't go all out for 82 games and have anything left for the playoffs.

If I'm wrong, then he needs to get in better condition if he's any bit serious about coming back.

And by the way, you're on the RANGERS BOARD. Stop ridiculing posters with your stupid sarcasm.
I made the same mistake, dedalus is actually a Ranger fan. He's more of the realist kind, however.

Originally Posted by jagrgodr View Post
For all the Jagr haters, just remember how our offense when Jagr was injured in the first game against new jersey back on 05..

In the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals the Rangers drew a matchup with the Devils and were defeated in a four-game sweep. In the process they were outscored 174, as New Jersey netminder Martin Brodeur took two shutouts and a 1.00 goals-against average to Lundqvist's 4.25. In the first game of the series Jagr suffered an undisclosed injury to his left shoulder, diminishing his usefulness as the series went on. Jagr missed game two of the series and was back in the lineup for game three. He was held to one shot on goal. On his first shift of game four, Jagr re-injured his shoulder and was unable to return.

Also, take a look at the Rangers record since 96. They were averaging around 28 wins a season compared to 40+ a season with jagr.
What does ANY of that have to do with the Jaromir Jagr of now? This is the same sentimental ******** I've heard over and over again as to why we should sign him. This does NOTHING for us now. This is the 2008 offseason, not the 2006 offseason.

I honestly dont care if the rangers dont sign him as LONG as he stays in the NHL. Hopefully an east coast team that can play the rangers alot so he can destroy the rangers.
At Jagr's rate, he'll be virtually ineffective until the last month of the season, so he'll have to hope that team makes the playoffs so he can do damage against the Rangers.

Edit: Also, for those that are saying his production is trailing off, just look to the playoffs. If you are saying you wouldnt want the BEST player in the whole entire playoffs on your team, you need to get your head checked. Last time i checked it was all about the playoffs. The regular is just a really long and drawn out season to see who gets to compete for the real prize.
The last time I checked, Ovechkin's mantle says otherwise, sporting this year's Ross, Richard, Hart, and Pearson trophies. When was the last time a player made the clean sweep?

YOU NEED TO GET YOUR HEAD CHECKED if you'd take Jagr over Ovechkin at this point.

Also, the last time I checked, Ovechkin took a team that spent 41 days in last place in the NHL and brought them all the way up to the 3rd seed. Sure, the Southeast is the worst division in all of hockey, but it's still an amazing feat to go from last place to division winner.

Originally Posted by Forechecker View Post
I think he'd go back to the 'Burgh before Montreal.
After the falling out he had there with management after Lemieux came back?

Originally Posted by alphaqup View Post
Don't forget we also lost Betts, one of our top faceoff and PK guys. And this is another thing I don't understand around here: People say that Montreal is a contender and we're not. Maybe after this offseason we won't be but I still think we're closer than Philly and Montreal are. We dominated the Habs during the regular season. They got pounded by Philly who, not surprisingly, we also faired well against. If anyone watched Philly's games against the Pens, ours were much closer than theirs were.
Montreal is the worst and probably most overrated #1 seed I've seen in quite some time. They were just a powerplay. They couldn't score at even-strength, and Boston - unarguably the worst team in the entire playoffs this year - almost beat them.

You're right that we're a lot closer than Philly or Montreal. Montreal could be real dangerous in the years to come with Carey Price, but that will take time. Philly has a decent, but not great starting goaltender that was playing over his head against Montreal. He'll come back down to earth, as will the Flyers.

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