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06-28-2008, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by znk View Post
The difference according to what Gainey said is if he doesnt sign sundin he pays nothing. So my guess would be if he signs him he pays a little bit more.
Actually, I really don't get why we should've paid anything for the so-called "exclusivity" in the first place....If we don't talk to Sundin, Fletcher gets nothing, by giving us the right to talk him, there was some chances that we would come to an agreement before UFA time giving Fletcher some compensation that shouldn't be higher than it should be 'cause in the end, again, it's nothing or something for Toronto. It's not like if Toronto would've got something anyway but because we had some head start the compensation has to be bigger.

But giving the Leafs something even if we don't sign him is ridiculous.

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