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06-28-2008, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Not that for me though because Gainey acquired his rights doesn't mean that Sundin want to go there.

People are being frustrated 'cause they're beginning to realize that another one will look another way.....I don't think that they're offended 'cause he's not doing something right away but mostly 'cause we won't be doing it at all....or that's my belief.

Wondering if it would not have been possible for Gainey, before making that "deal" to just wonder via Fletcher if Sundin is actually considering retirement at this point. If so, don't you think that a big decision like that wouldn't take 1 week and it doesn't matter who has the exclusivity? Seems that Gainey speaks to him every day and every day we keep hearing that Sundin says his mind isn't made up....What's the point in talking to him then? Is he suddenly going to wake up June 31st and because it's crunch time he'll take a decision like that?.....if or course the whole "retirement" thing is true....which I don't believe but again it's just an opinion.

Sundin might hate the Leafs but I don't believe he'll sign with us after July 1st.....unless the deal stands even if he signs before. Maybe the deal is not if the signing is before July could be the exclusive rights before July 1st and if you sign him, the deal stands no matter when you sign him.

Anyway, just have the feeling that he's thinking of retirement only because TO and Montreal are in the picture right now....I'm that pessimistic about that "deal". As soon as the Rangers starts dancing, Sundin will start realizing.......
Going to NYR might be his plan. But it's not a reason to be pissed off. You see these posts and threads pop up calling Sundin names just because it appears we aren't the center of the universe.

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