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06-28-2008, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynHockey99 View Post
I have been out this week, so here're my thoughts on the draft.

At the draft, I heard people whine that we are drafting small forwards.

Excuse me, but what are our options?

In the second or third rounds, we can go for a big guy who'll likely max out on the third line.

The other option is to draft Christian Dube/Marc Savard types, smallish players with a lot of talent and hope some of them will become stars, knowing that the majority will never see the NHL.

Now, I'd love to get someone who's 6-foot-5 230 pounds who skates like Bure, stickhandles like Kovalev, passes like Gretzky, shoots like Al McInnis and fights like Stu Grimson (and can play the net too), and be so polished that he's guaranteed to make the NHL immediately, but unfortunately those players aren't available in the second round.

Seriously people. What do you expect in the second or third round? There's a reason the guy wasn't drafted by any team in the first round.

If a player is available after that first round, he must have some deficiencies.

So would we rather get a player who has a lot of talent and not much size, or the reverse?

I prefer talent. Mike Tyson on skates will never get us the Stanley Cup. A couple of Marc Savard types might.

And that's why we need to keep on drafting high-risk, high-return players.

Sather did an excellent job this draft. The players may or may not work out. But the idea behind drafting the high risk, high return players is exactly what we need.

Some of them will surely fail. But we'll be better off getting one first liner than 4 third liners.

P.S. I'm the guy who's always critical of Slats, especially of his drafting ability. Check my past comments. But when he deserves credit, I want to give it to him.
totally agree. i hinted the same thing in another thread. i love the fact that sather went for guys whom scouts have said have the skill to make it. not just drafting big bodies or "character guys".

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