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06-29-2008, 08:58 AM
Son of Steinbrenner
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Sean Avery played a game with a lacerated spleen, is his "effort" even a discussion? Are we really that obtuse that we think a player is going to player EVERY shift of EVERY game without making mistakes?

I don't think i'd go 4 years with Avery but if the markets is $4M a year it might just be worth it..

I'm not sure what Sather is doing and if (Avery aside) Sather even has a concrete plan...

Avery already has "enemies" in his own dressing room? Really? lets see some quotes from teammates that even HINT at that...Also that stuff shouldn't matter to us, it may make for a good topic on the board (if ever proven true) but it doesn't effect the product on the ice...what we SEE! Has Avery ever not backed up one of his teamates? Did Avery let anybody get away with running our players last season?

If the Rangers let Avery go (which it looks like they are) I give the same people that don't want him back until the 2nd game of the Prague trip before they tell us how important Avery is to the team. These games aren't played on paper...this isn't an EHM simulation....a top 6 forward...A top 9 forward that does everything Avery does is hard to come by....Avery is going to look like a bargain for whoever signs him...

Oh but SoS what if he becomes such a distraction we'll have him for 4 more years? Yup, but what's that thing called where you swap a player for um...another player...or a draft pick...Oh yeah a trade!! But SoS what if a team doesn't want to trade for Avery? What's that thing called where you can designate a player and all teams can claim him and if they don't you can send the player to the minors and his contract doesn't count against the cap......oh yeah waivers!!

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