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06-29-2008, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Sports1131 View Post
If we can't get Sundin I'd like to see Grabovski get a legitimate shot with some good line mates.
I like Grabovski, he's quite an exciting player to watch. I'm just not sold he has exactly what we need. But I do agree that if the plan is to use him, that he gets a more than fair shot with some good line mates.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Linemates won't keep Grabovsky on his skates or on the puck.

If we don't get Sundin, I prefer getting a FA winger and putting Higgins at center...that way you don't lose any assets or screw the chemistry.
I really didn't like what I saw from Higgins when he played center while Koivu was out. I would much rather keep him on the wing.

Originally Posted by RE-HABS View Post
Please no more Smoke!!

I agree our third line centres at this stage are 4th line centres in Chip, Lappy and Grabs. Of the 3 Chip has the most potential to be a 3rd liner, Lappy doesn't possess the two-way play or hockey sense to play that role and Grabs is too small and his game is one dimensional making him a player more likely as a add in or in the pressbox.

Stoll would be nice, but if all works out Sundin will be #1...who is our #2 Pleks or Koivu and who is the 3rd line then too??? Something I'm willing to live with that's for sure!!
Lol...I don't want Smoke back either. But out of Grabs/Chips/Smoke, Smoke might be the best 2 way player. The 3rd line C position will eventually be Chip's, but I don't think he's quite there yet.

As for if we sign Sundin, I really don't think it will matter who is the #2 or #3 C. As I think Gainey will divide the time between the top 3 lines fairly even.

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