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06-29-2008, 03:48 PM
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so you are saying rolston, who consistently puts up 60 points for say 3.5-4 million and ryder who had a bad year last year and IMO probably could put up at least 20 goals plus 20 assists for 3 million.....thats 100 points for 7 million dollars....i would say they would outproduce jagr....
So you wanna use the "averages" for Rolston and Ryder up against Jagrs one down year? gee I wonder why you would want to do that...IMO you don't put Rolston or Ryder in the same sentance as a top ten ALL TIME player like Jagr...I don't think signing those guys would have more of an influence than signing Jagr. I think getting tied up in contracts for those players vs a 1 year deal for Jagr is a bad idea..

and in respect to having a pp qb like redden out there with jagr....there is no point....he is the ppqb and he isnt good at it because he holds onto the puck and always require the puck to come back to matter who it is, liles, campbell or redden....they wouldnt be on the unit with jagr...
Do teams play the same 5 guys a full 2 minutes? Why can't Jagr and this un-named unsigned pp qb (please not poti LITE) play on diffrent units? why can't the rangers have a two pronged approach to the power play? Didn't you think Pearn was the problem with power play? now it's Jagr...i guess if Renney fit your argument you'd say Renney too right?

i see a problem with signing jagr for a cuts into drury's and gomez's contracts another year and most likely the rangers would have to sign a winger for him who wouldnt fit on the rest of the team.....pass on that big time....
The Rangers can sign Jagr and and still get a winger like Rolston (for example) to play with Gomez...They can also hope that Dawes and Callahan take another step next year...just like you are counting on to begin with..

do i think jagr did good things with dubinsky...absolutely....however that doesnt mean he wasnt sulking....he was doing that to mold dubinsky into HIS nylander was...someone who played his style and looked for him
Jagr didn't sulk last year...So wait a second...Jagr helping Dubinsky play more comfortable with him for the overall team success is what a bad thing? Also can we not try to play psycologist for guy you don't even know..Jagr could've easily complained last year and didn't...he could've easily flown back to prague after the season and didn' we have a guy basically begging to come back...a guy that helped transform the team from loserville to playoff team and we want to let him go because rolston/ryder can take his place? Please...i can't debate logic like that anymore...

we'll see where this jagr thing ends up..

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