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06-29-2008, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
So you wanna use the "averages" for Rolston and Ryder up against Jagrs one down year? gee I wonder why you would want to do that...IMO you don't put Rolston or Ryder in the same sentance as a top ten ALL TIME player like Jagr...I don't think signing those guys would have more of an influence than signing Jagr. I think getting tied up in contracts for those players vs a 1 year deal for Jagr is a bad idea..

Do teams play the same 5 guys a full 2 minutes? Why can't Jagr and this un-named unsigned pp qb (please not poti LITE) play on diffrent units? why can't the rangers have a two pronged approach to the power play? Didn't you think Pearn was the problem with power play? now it's Jagr...i guess if Renney fit your argument you'd say Renney too right?

The Rangers can sign Jagr and and still get a winger like Rolston (for example) to play with Gomez...They can also hope that Dawes and Callahan take another step next year...just like you are counting on to begin with..

Jagr didn't sulk last year...So wait a second...Jagr helping Dubinsky play more comfortable with him for the overall team success is what a bad thing? Also can we not try to play psycologist for guy you don't even know..Jagr could've easily complained last year and didn't...he could've easily flown back to prague after the season and didn' we have a guy basically begging to come back...a guy that helped transform the team from loserville to playoff team and we want to let him go because rolston/ryder can take his place? Please...i can't debate logic like that anymore...

we'll see where this jagr thing ends up..
first off,

i never said i didnt like what pearn was doing.....i said it might help if the rangers got a pp coach because other teams have done so and greatly improved in a short amount of time, so i will not comment on that as im sure you just forgot what i said which is understandable as it has been a couple of weeks

all i am saying, is why invest in one player, who teams supposedly key in on when you can spread out the attack making it harder to match lines? you said a two-prong attack can happen in even strength as well

i dont think you are totally understanding my ow way was i ever saying jagr isnt a good player, or hasnt done wonmder for the rangers as an organization...however, being realistic the defense needs a lot of help and gomez needs a wing.....say orpik and liles for say 7.5 million combined upgrade the defense(which is not what i want but is most likely the cheapest solution) you say we can sign jagr and rolston.....thats most likely another 11 you just soent 18 million dollars on 4 players....already having about 21.5 million in 3 other players........thats close to 40 million dollars on 7 players........that leaves you with 17 million dollars for the remainder of the team.....which would be most likely 16 other players.....i just dont think it works out.....signing jagr doesnt work if you want to upgrade other areas of concern...i would rather upgrade all the areas that need help evenly than put all that money into jagr up front...

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