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06-29-2008, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyviper87 View Post
first off,

i never said i didnt like what pearn was doing.....i said it might help if the rangers got a pp coach because other teams have done so and greatly improved in a short amount of time, so i will not comment on that as im sure you just forgot what i said which is understandable as it has been a couple of weeks

all i am saying, is why invest in one player, who teams supposedly key in on when you can spread out the attack making it harder to match lines? you said a two-prong attack can happen in even strength as well

i dont think you are totally understanding my ow way was i ever saying jagr isnt a good player, or hasnt done wonmder for the rangers as an organization...however, being realistic the defense needs a lot of help and gomez needs a wing.....say orpik and liles for say 7.5 million combined upgrade the defense(which is not what i want but is most likely the cheapest solution) you say we can sign jagr and rolston.....thats most likely another 11 you just soent 18 million dollars on 4 players....already having about 21.5 million in 3 other players........thats close to 40 million dollars on 7 players........that leaves you with 17 million dollars for the remainder of the team.....which would be most likely 16 other players.....i just dont think it works out.....signing jagr doesnt work if you want to upgrade other areas of concern...i would rather upgrade all the areas that need help evenly than put all that money into jagr up front...
The Rangers can always move/waive the contracts for Backman and Prucha (another $3.9M) which helps balance things out...Which would bring your numbers up to almost $20M on the other players..That's the salary cap world in todays NHL....

If you don't resign Jagr then the "upgrades" in the other areas don't matter...It's like signing Keene and Skrudlund without bringing Messier back..

If Jagr signs an incentive laden contract your "worst case" salary cap scenario is kinda moot.....

"attacking" teams with 3 borderline 2nd lines is not the way to win...The Rangers would be at the bottom of the East...

Your pp coach scenario involved Montreal 2 years ago..a power play i could've coached with a hot dog in my mouth and a soda in my hand..

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