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06-29-2008, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Coach Parker View Post
I agree that he may have bonuses laced in there, but if coming out of Tuesday we have Hossa signed for 8.25-8.5 then you have 300-500k buyout Murray and now you have the 3.1-3.2 for Wideman.

Finally, all you have left to tweak is the PJ trade for a draft pick (Which many teams will do) and you have replaced Murray with Hossa, and Soderberg with Axelsson...

You also have the Nokie money from the PJ trade and probably a million tops space...spend the rest of July and August seeing if there is a market for anyone for a draft (Sobodka, Nokie, Schaefer) Hell, someone might be near the basement and will take a chance on Murray after the Wideman move...

...I just hope this puts the 'we don't have the cap space/money to sign Hossa' talk to rest...if he wants to be here he will...if someone offers him more than 8.5 (now you are in Crosby money) then you sensibly pass on the signing and focus on other aspects...

Strum - Savard - Hossa
Lucic - Bergeron - Kessel
Schaefer - Krecji - Kobasew
Soderberg - Sobodka - Thornton

Nokie, Wheeler, Reich on reserve

Chara - Wideman
Ward - Ference
Stuart - Alberts

Lashoff, Hnidy

*Not a dream or fantasy, just what can be done on July 1st.*
I disagree. After Wideman & Nokia the B's will only have $3M in cap space left. If they sign Hossa to an $8M contract (although I agree it will take more), then they'd have to clear $5M in cap space. But that's harder than you think, because you also have to factor in their replacements.

For example at first glance the B's could just buyout Murray ($2.8 savings) and waive/trade Schaefer for a pick ($2.1 savings) to get to $5M. But Hossa only replaces Murray. The cap is based on 23 players so you have to call up someone, say Karsums- his cap hit is $883k, so you've really only cleared $4.1M. Now you've got to move another player, one who makes over $1.85M so that when you subtract the cost of his rookie replacement (~ $850k), you're total savings is over $1M. And even after all that manuevering, you're right up against the cap, with no room for short term call-ups or short term injury replacements.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but to make these moves requires a ton of activity on Chiarelli's part, and two or three willing trade partners- and it's hard to trade players during free agency, when team's can just sign guys for cash, and it's harder still when your trade partners know they have you over a barrel because you're over the cap.

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