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06-29-2008, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Not unless their defense steps up their game quite a bit. Their offense has never been the problem. It's their goaltending and their blueline.

Gomez and Hossa showed quite a bit of chemistry at the All-Star game, despite never having set foot on the ice together.

This Jagr - Gomez argument is bogus. Hossa plays the same style as Gomez; quick transition with tons of speed through the neutral zone. Jagr and Gomez play different styles, but both like the carry the puck. I highly doubt Slats brought Gomez in just for Jagr's benefit. It's much more likely that Renney said, "I want Gomez and Drury. They fit the system I'm going to be implementing; Go get them." Goes right along with the fact that Slats is hardballing Jagr right now.
The All Star Game?

I don't think Renney tells Sather go get me anything...If you read everything that was written byt the writers and on this board at the time of the signing it was a foregone conclussion that Gomez was brought in for Jagr. when I argued that neither Gomez and Drury fit Jagr and the Rangers should play Straka as Jagrs center I was crucified on this board. (I was right about the 1st part wrong about the 2nd)

Gomez and Hossa chemistry in the ALL STAR GAME means nothing...absolutly nothing...

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