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06-04-2004, 03:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Prucha73
I think we have a better chance getting Ovechkin than we do Malkin, because Penguins got tons of depth, nothing we can offer him that would really impress them. Washington got significantly less depth. Sather might trade Prucha and Lundqvist, maybe Tyutin as well, after disappointing playoffs.
I doubt that.

1. With Pitt money is always a question. Malkins contract plus God knows how much to the Russian team who he currently plays for. Considering that team wouldn't allow him attend the combine - they probably will be a pain in the arse to deal with.

2. Pitt would probably like cheaper position players who they feel can keep their payroll low - yet help them compete.

3. Washington has a good number of picks as well. They traded off players like the Rangers did so our other picks this year won't be as valuable

4. Washington could use that star name to help keep the fans, and get them excited about a rebuild. Right now who are you going to see? For a pretty big market team they have no identifiable name.

5. Washington can easily afford AO

6. The Ranger are NOT going to trade Tyutin unless someone DRASTICALLy overpays. You dont trade your top young d-man when rebuilding - if Sather held him off the table when trying for a playoff run, then why in the world would they move him now?

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