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06-30-2008, 10:34 AM
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This is an underperforming team, a very good core that can get you into the playoffs, and while the secondary scoring isnt quite there, all we need is for the bottem 6 is to not bleed goals against.

The teams defence looks very good, and except for a gaff or two from a certain somebody, they would certainly do very well. Kipper had an off year, I dont beleive he had a very good start and I think while a more offensive system was in place, He performed worse then what he should have, an off-year and a playoffs that aside from the first game, quickly became a nightmare. Hopefully he can rebound, but that we even made the playoffs while facing adversity in our goaltending gives me hope, as we have three more very good goalie prospects coming through the system, and hopefully one of them would be a suitable replacement if Kipper continues to slide.

The Flames do not need to blow things up, they made the playoffs despite being top heavy in scoring, and a goalie having a bad year. And once your in the playoffs, anything can happen. Being a bit younger, they probably wont perform as well on paper, but if any of Boyd, Nystrom, Lombardi or Moss can have a break out season even just moving up to second line scorers, they can continue to improve.

The Northwest isnt quite the scary place it was, Minny is losing a few peices, Colorado has lost theodore, and their stars are another year older, Edmonton has improved, and Vancouver could really go either way and we'll see that in this Free agency.

Why anybody would blow up a team that has a strong possibility to make the playoffs is beyond me, wait until they start finishing 10th in the West and worse. let them play.

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