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06-30-2008, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Artie View Post
I understand the relations to revenues. But the cynic in me says, that's just the owners trying to control themselves. And yet with no forsight at all, they are handing out contracts that could be crippling down the road.

Or is this a further attempt at PARITY.

Riddle me this....If economic conditions change drastically, and salary cap drops, what happens with these contracts? Just curious.
I'm not a CBA expert but I know there are various clauses for them to act like idiots and the league not to suffer. For instance, 20% of a player's salary is put in escrow each season, until the new yearly salary cap is calculated.

BTW, I totally agree with you. I think ownership and management in general can be shortsighted when it comes to contract and have built this CBA with this in mind. To, as you say, control themselves somewhat. What's comical is that they still try to find loopholes and ways out. It's like a heroin addict quitting, and then sneaking out of rehab for a score. ****ing sad.

I don't think what they came up is full proof for individual teams (it would be possible for a team to screw themselves bad over the long haul but it seems the system in place *probably* will maintain the overall financial health of the league.

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