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06-30-2008, 02:53 PM
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In reality, we actually have more than $13.5:
Jagr+Shany+Straka = $13.5
Mara = $3
Rozsival = $2.3
Malik = $2.5
Strudwick = $.5
Total: $21.8

The problem with the Free Agent forwards mentioned in the first post is that they dont have the size the Rangers need(aside from Malone, who went to Tampa). Therefore, the guy I would actually target is Bertuzzi. He is coming off an off season and should not demand a lot of money. I know he is 33, but if we can sign him for one season at around $3, that will leave us with plenty of cap room to sign/re-sign the following:
(Bertuzzi - $3)
Avery - $3.8
Dawes - $1.5
Sjostrom - $1
Commodore - $1.5
M.Lapointe - $1.5
Total: $12.3

This would leave us with about $9.5 in cap room to play around with. We can use that money for future years or to make a splash at the trade deadline.

Avery - Dubinsky - Drury
Bertuzzi - Gomez - Korpikoski
Dawes - Anisimov - Callahan
Lapointe - Betts - Sjostrom

Tyutin - Girardi
Sanguinetti - Staal
Backman - Commodore


The reason why I put Drury on the 1st line is because he needs to start earning his paycheck. A guy making over $7 million a year should not be stuck on the 3rd line getting 25 goals a season. I expect Drury to hit the 30 goal mark once again being on the first line. I also feel that Anisimov is better suited for being the 3rd line center than Drury is...since Anisimov has more size and is more of a true 3rd liner two-way center. Bertuzzi is on the 2nd line for size and down-low presence. I can see Gomez setting up Korpikoski for one-timers all day...with Bertuzzi being there to do the dirty work on the boards and around the net. Lapointe is a huge upgrade over Hollweg. Yes, I am saying that Sanguinetti can start in the NHL, he is ready by all accounts, from me watching him, from what I have read about him, from what the experts have to say. He just need a chance to play. If he completely bombs, which I doubt, we still have Hutchinson and all that cap room to make a move at the deadline.

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