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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
To be fair - and yes, I'm a fan who goes off what I read (here and elsewhere) and the scant clips I can dig up online - my vote goes almost exclusively on potential and not on how close a prospect is or even "risk-adjusted" potential. I think many others put a much higher priority on making the show vs. what the player might be if he does make the show. In HF parlance, I weight Hagelin's 7.0D over Potter's 6.5C. (Not that I necessarily buy into the exact rating in each case, but it happens to be an apt example for this point.)

So, yes, I chose Hagelin over Potter, because based on what he achieved as a meaningful contributor as a freshman on a Frozen Four Michigan squad, I think his potential could reach as high as a top 6, perhaps even (minute chance) top 3 forward - despite the fact that it still might be only 50/50 that he even makes the NHL at all.

Potter, on the other hand, I think has almost a 90% chance of reaching the big club, but I think his potential tops out at #4 D, so I put him behind Hagelin. Close behind, mind you, but still behind.
yeah you're pronouncing exactly my thoughts

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