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06-30-2008, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
I just love capping a guys potential at 23
I don't see how he's a possible potential #3 when Komi is argueably #3 after hammer and markov and O'byrne isn't nearly as physical or blocks as many shots as Komi. Sure, he's younger and all, but I can't imagine him being as good as Komi, which isn't a insult to O'byrne but a compliment to Komi. Hell, if you say Komi is a #2 and Hammer is the #3, really now, do you honestly believe O'byrne will end up as good as Hamrlik? Like i said, i like O'byrne but everyone wants to believe we have 15 top 4 defensive prospects. Even brisebois looked good some times with hamrlik, that doesn't mean O'byrne's bad but Mcdonagh is a #2, O'byrne is a #3, Gorges is a #4, Fisher is a 3-4, Subban is a top 4, Carle is a top 4, does it ever end? Then on the next forum people say our d-man aren't good enough and we need another guy or we'll be exposed. IMO, he doesn't have enough offensive upside nor toughness to be considered a #3. I apologize if i said people have lost their minds for having an opinion of O'byrne being a #3 but people are a little too optimistic. I do not see anything in particular from his play or his stats that would suggest he'll be a top 3. Then again, I hope I'm wrong, and would be happy to be flamed or whatever if he does indeed reach a #3 status and you can personally come to me door and punch me in the face if becomes a #2, if you wish, start making a list for if he becomes #1, but that...i assume anyway, we can agree I shouldn't be concerned about.

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