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06-30-2008, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Mackattack View Post
July 1st is tommorow and naturally we're all excited. But I think people who are getting worked up to the point of ilness need to realize something: UFA's don't win Stanley Cups.

Take a look at the last 5 cup winners: Detroit, Anaheim, Carolina, Tampa Bay, and New Jersey. In the cases of all of these teams, UFA signings had little to no effect on the teams success (even Niedermyer in Anaheim- the Ducks win was the definition of a "team effort"). These teams succeeded because of solid foundations and having the right combinations of players, not necesisarily the best.

Would adding Sundin/Hossa/Jagr be exciting? Heck yes.
Are they the difference to winning a Stanley Cup? Probably not.

So before we enter the free agent frenzy, keep in mind that if this team is going anywhere, it's going to be on the backs of our core players - Markov, Higgins, Komisarek, Price, ect. - not a big name UFA acquisition.

So if in a few days the Habs come up empty handed and your on suicide watch... remember this thread. DON'T JUMP!
How can you say it wouldn't make a difference?..
Most teams will have what..1-2 new faces via UFA?..and maybe some up and coming youngsters?..
Unless you have to completely rebuild a team, your team will always have to same core.
Winning the cup will always be a full team effort, but adding a guy like Tanguay or Sundin/Hossa will always put more odds in your favor.

We can add Ovechkin-Crosby-Malkin, if Price plays like he did vs the Flyers we ain't winning jack..
Even the 4th liners are important to win a cup.

But to say it doesn't make a difference to add Sundin/Hossa is foolish.

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