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06-04-2004, 01:12 PM
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i think everyone agrees on the imp[ortance of goalies - especially in ottawa. what no on agrees with is that ollie is the only answer, and that any team would pay any sort of expensive price to acquire him. he has little trade value - thats just the truth. i dont think anyone is wrong to say that. 6.2 or whatever for 2 years is a ton of money to pay a guy who has no way to prove he can lead any team all the way. he had a great run a few years ago and has had some fantastic seasons - but no one is 6.2 million sure that he can still do it. aside from some caps fans. thats just the way it is, im not trying to blast anyone. the price tag alone is enough to stop even the shrewdest gms (im sure a number of gms looked at him and balked at the money) - let alone adding a good prospect into it. the caps cant move him unless they eat some contract - period.

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