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06-30-2008, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Ice Poutine View Post
Well said. This isnt the USA here where you can be arrested for wearing a t-shirt laughing at Bush...
Ice I think if you scratch any surface you'll find enough a holes to go around, they aren't located solely south of us. I can produce the kid who an NDG cop called an English ***** a little while ago for asking a question. I don't think this guy is representative of cops nor Quebecers.

I think I've gotten beyond the arguements now. I'm proud as hell of my country though I'm glad I'm free to criticize it. I still feel allegiance to my home province and I feel the same way about Mtl. I disagree or maybe am disapointed that many don't feel the same way, but I can't wish FF De Mars any harm because he feels diffferently.

The whole issue gets silly on a board like this. We all have the right to feel differently about this country and I have no problem with anyone's opinion or sense of patriotism being opposed to mine. I just think that whether one wants to remain part of Canada or not, it deserves respect.

Sorry I quoted your post to go on my rant, you didn't say anything really, it just seemed like a starting point.

Back to church to light more Sundin candles.

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