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06-04-2004, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Malefic74
The job description of a coach is to win. With whatever personnel is around. As such you can't dismiss the work of Lemaire just because he coaches a boring style. It works. He wins. With a low payroll. It's up to other coaches to figure out systems better than his. Ditto for Hitchcock or any other defense-first style coach.

But judging by his recent success and the fact that his team is no more expensive than the aforementioned Wild I would say that Darryl Sutter is the best coach in the NHL right now.

The worst? His brother Brian is doing a fine job embarrassing Chicago. Granato seems a touch overwhelmed in Colorado. Until they stepped down last season both Glen Sather and Doug Maclean were pretty awful behind the bench. My pick? Dave Tippett in Dallas. Struggled with line combinations all season long, even when the team was healthy, and was outcoached by Granato in round 1. 'Nuff said.
Its close between Tippett and Granato. But, Granato had a much better team to work with, so I'll go with him, b/c they both made it roughly as far. 2nd round vs 1st round.

Lamire didn't win too much this year did he? last year was a fluke, and alot of his teams were talent laden (not all).

Job of a coach is to win, sure, but there is more to it than that. ie some teams have gone with free-wheeling coaches to put butts in the seats (ie: granato)

I guess I'm just biased against the trap and poor clutch and grab "bring the game down to our level" coaching, which is what Lamire is the epitomy of. He will never get my vote, except for in a poll with the title: "which coach has done the most to ruin NHL hockey?"

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