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06-30-2008, 09:38 PM
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Originally Posted by saillias View Post
You keep on arguing with me about things I never even mentioned... Get on the same page.
What? You preach this stuff about the Flames are going to be identical to last year except they lost two major contributors. Well I beg to differ. They will be dumping two scorers who were unhappy. But they also gutted major parts of the defensive core of the team and are replacing it.
Yelle and Nilson have been defensive mainstays on this team forever. Warrener was one of the players that was key in developing the Flames defensive game. They are all gone. Sounds like change to me.

While it is true we don't know all that the change will include, I personally happen to think the Defence needed change. I can see that happening with this team.

The problems with the Flames runs deeper than scoring. If you believe losing forwards who didn't want to be here and were not committed to the team, you can go ahead and put all your hopes on acquiring scoring stars but I have seen changes like adding Tanguay and I saw how that turned out. Remember all the hooplah when he was acquired? How it was gonna make the Flames a top contender? That was change. That was "going for it" so to speak. How did that work out for you?

Give me a more disciplined, defensively smart team over what we have witnessed in the last two years, any day. I think it is time you "get on the same page".

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