Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Sabres re-sign Gaustad to four-year deal
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07-01-2008, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Give me a break. You have 3 posts so far and they all same the same thing. He is a 4th liner. Make a counter arguement that backs you claim or don't bother quoting me.

If all you think he brings is energy you may want to learn more about the game.
Wow buddy, you gotta lighten up. Some people are going to have a different opinion than you, thats why we have discussion boards, so we can share our opinions. You want my argument, here it is. He's a poor skater, has no hands, isn't as tough as everyone thinks, has trouble in the corners because he isn't very strong on the puck, and has very little playmaking ability. His decision making with the puck is questionable. He is ok on faceoffs, maybe the best of all the sabres centermen, but that doesn't say much. The fact that he got as much playing time as he did last year is a testament to a bad situation at center, not because he is an outstanding player. Like I said in my three other posts, as you pointed out, he is a 4th line energy guy who is outstanding in that role. If he is bumped up to another role, such as third line center, he leaves a lot to be desired. That is my opinion of him, and I do actually know a lot about the game.

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