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07-01-2008, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by TonySCV View Post
In case you missed the memo... winning now is not the goal. The Kings are not making the playoffs next season. They weren't before this trade, they aren't now. The sooner you get a grip on WHY the Kings are going to be bad for another season or two, the easier this will be to stomach.

You may as well take a couple years off and come back in 2010 when the Kings are competitive again, because that's how long it's going to be.

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I got the memo, but with more than a few years on you as a King fan (since 78-79), this is the fifth or maybe sixth iteration of the build from within we have no foundation restructuring that I've endured.

There is a modicum of sense here to DL's madness, but when managment tells you they wont be competitive for more than two years, I think its a fair assumption that you can add two more to that number and maybe, just maybe we will be there. But remember that Defenseman take far longer to come into their prime in the NHL than do scoring forwards with reall "net-talent"
And, we are stocking the blueline with young D talent. Hickey, Doughty and Tuebertare all two years away from being IMPACT players at best scenario, more likely three to four. By then our young veteran forwards will be burnt out, will want their payday and/or begin to think that the only way for them to touch the Grail will be to do it elsewhere. Not every team can follow Philly's route, but it sure would be worth trying sooner rather than later.

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