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06-04-2004, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by fullmetalninja
As someone who saw every Blackhawk game the last season(and 90% + the two season's before) Brian Sutter is not a good coach.

He does one thing: lights a fire under players butts. And that's all he does. HIs answer to everything is: work harder. No strategy... nothing else.

He claimed that "all systems are basically the same". The hawks therefore, play no system. Not in the defensive zone, not in the neutral zone, not in the offensive zone. Steve McCarthy only got to play because of an injury to Deron Quint! Alexander Karpotsev was named an Alternate captain(over mark bell!).

The blackhawks the last three years have used the same breakout play- and its horrible. We never get speed in the neutral zone.

I don't know if Sutter is the worst coach in the league... how do you judge something like that? But He has been bad in chicago.

people act as if the playoff team of a few seasons ago was some coaching miracle. But it wasn't. That team had two solid lines:

Calder/Zhamnov/Amonte(still could play then)

And for bottom 6 forwards that team had:

Steve Thomas, Tom Fitzgerald, Tyler Arnason, Mark Bell, Bob Probert, Aaron Downey, Ryan Vandenbussche, and Igor Korolev.

The D:

Klemm/Housely(who had a great season)
Karpotsev/Mironov(and bobo had a "comeback year")

was that a great team... no. but it certainly was a playoff calibre team. It wasn't some great coaching job, but a *decent* motivation job(getting players like Mironov, Karpotsev, to play like they cared).

Sutter in year 2, did all kinds of great work:

Put Nylander down to the *4th line*, too soft.
Forced Bob Probert to retire(and never let him play in a home game so the fans could give him a proper send off).
After trading Nylander, he moved *ARNASON* down to the 4th line(send him a message you know).

If you want a laundry list, most blackhawk fans could provide it.

The point I was trying to make was that even if the best coach in the league coached the Hawks this past season, they wouldn't have done much better.

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