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Originally Posted by Coldshot View Post
Well, first off... Kovalchuk probably won't be in Atlanta. He's already stressed that he doesn't like the direction the team is going in, and they haven't shown him any urgency to build a winner around him. He wants to win, and he doesn't want to wait to do so. They don't have forward depth up front in their system, and at the NHL level, Bryan Little is the closest thing they'll have to a true #1 center one day. I'm not sure about Espo right now, as his stock has dropped since the year before he was drafted.

Second, I see what you're saying in resigning the youngsters, but since we like to assume that we would get hit with rollover bonuses, I'll assume in this case that the cap goes up again. I could see us having the room needed to sign Kovalchuk. Definitely not though if we signed Hossa.

You think the same way I do, we like that tough two-way brand of hockey, and would take that over the flashy superstar game. However, Hossa is 4-5 years older than Kovalchuk. Kovalchuk would be 26 and Hossa would be 30-31 at the time that Kovy would hit UFA status. At that point, it's an easy sell in favor of Kovy.

I would normally agree, but I'm not sure if Hossa is the answer. He's always been more of a complimentary player, and hasn't handled the burden of carrying the offense well at times.

I just don't like this offseason at all... it's just like this year's election. All of the options suck, and things seem like they're going to get worse either way.

But who says they will? We don't even know what kind of offers have been made yet. We can only assume this at this point, and nothing's a lock on the UFA market.

This I agree, especially being that we overpaid one of those guys handsomely to come here with the premise of building around them both. Why delay the inevitable? The answer... maybe the young talent that we want to see so badly just isn't ready. Do we really want to pull a Manny Malhotra and throw the kids to the wolves? They did all of that work improving the system and restocking it with quality prospects, I can't see them taking a risk on screwing it all up just for a year or two of development. Hopefull they'll show us why they're getting paid to be heavily involved in front office operations of a professional sports franchise, and we're just a bunch of average-joe-armchair-gms.

Why is that double standard here? Because of the disgusting amount of homerism towards Jagr, who is the most revered Ranger since the Four Horsemen. He could do no wrong in these peoples eyes. Gomez and Drury however, any mistake they made is put under a magnifying glass thanks to some Jagr Goggles and a pair of 7 million dollar a year contracts handed out by a general manager who thought it would be fun to potentially put his club through cap hell for 5 years.

Yes, but we don't know if he's that Jagr anymore. From what I saw during the regular season, he's not. If he can do what he did in the playoffs for at least 60 games, and be able to play at 100% in the playoffs, then it would be another story. I'm not totally convinced that he can, but I'm also not totally convinced that losing Nylander had nothing to do with it.

That's the problem. If Jagr is so good, he shouldn't need that.

Can, but how often these days?

Didn't look so good throughout the season, and definitely not against Pittsburgh.

This is what people mean by building the team around a 36 year old. It's not exactly smart. It could definitely hinder the growth of the team as a unit.

Again, Jagr is good enough to the point where it shouldn't be an issue. This is a guy that should show up every night with that chip on his shoulder he was playing with in the playoffs. No one is going to doubt his skill. His motivation and urgency, however, are a different story in their own.
He didn't look too good against the Pens? Wow, if it wasn't for him we woulda been swept. The Jagr bashing is getting out of hand now. You don't want him back thats fine, but don't say that he's horrible and isn't good. He showed everyone in the playoffs he can still be the best.

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