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07-01-2008, 08:23 AM
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The cap will find an equilibirum....

and I think revenues will evenutually begin to level off. I had thought the cap was directly tied to revenues and is a percent of revenues. To me, that's a fair way to determine a cap (fair from both sides). Every sport has its hanger-ons making too much money, a lot of movement due to salary cap constraints, and bidding wars (heck, the Nets are clearing the decks for the arrival of King Lebron, which won't happen for a couple years, if ever). I don't see why hockey should be so different. It forces GMs to manage their assets better, and manage for the long-term. I don't think we should take issue with that. So a couple salaries get out of whack. Those teams will get burned at some point and another cycle will emerge whereby everyone is dishing out 10 year contracts or insane money for mediocre players.

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