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07-01-2008, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Phil Parent View Post
One of those guys I wish we could give good money so that he could stay in Hamilton and help the kids as years go by.

You need Milroys, Lockes, JP improve, your kids need someone good to work with when they are in the AHL.
The good news is that there was only ONE (1) Milroy, ONE (1) Locke and ONE (1) Cote at Hamilton last year . . . One of each is more than anybody needs.

Each of the three listed above is stuck in the AHL mode in his own way. As for Milroy, it seemed that in his first season or two in the AHL he was relying too much on his talent to get him through rough patches. He hadn't noticed that the old adage about moving up a level: "you don't get faster, everybody around you does." I think this was only part of it and every young guy goes through it to some extent.

Over the last two years, though, I think it became more obvious that he's one of those guys who peaked as a junior. The individual parts of his game look good--not great--but then you put them together and it seems he's just a touch below NHL standards. It really showed when he played with AK46, Plekanec or others who made it. His passes weren't tape-to-tape as frequently or as crisp when they were; his shot is just a touch less heavy; his skating is just a touch slower.

Not to start a conspiracy theory, but I wonder if all the community nice guy stuff is a way of ingratiating himself and keeping a job . . . Smart move, actually, if it is.

Locke is the last one I'd want to see back. He's kind of like Drew Bledsoe was as a quarterback: if he had an all-pro left tackle, a 1200 yard back, two 80 catch receivers, an indoor game, an opponent with 5th place schedule and playing a soft 2-deep zone, Drew could throw 400 yds. Otherwise, bring on the interceptions.

Guys like Cote abound in the AHL. He's no great loss no matter who his daddy is.

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