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07-01-2008, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by 1UP View Post
Well, I'm a separatist. Before I am wished by others to be hit by a bus (or other fast moving large objects), let me say first that I don't hate Canada. Actually, compared to most countries of the world, there isn't much to hate about Canada. Except the Maple Leafs.

My view on this is a cultural one. In pretty much every poll, the opinion of Quebecois differs geratly from the opinion of the rest of Canada. Life is different, customs are different, language is different, opinions are different. However, the laws, government and the way it is treated compared to other provinces is the same, despite different priorities and opinions.

This creates frictions on the home stage, and the international stage. Often, Canada will voice an opinion Québecois are unable to sit behind, and vice versa. It is impossible for the Canadian government to please everybody.

The best deal, in my opinion, would be that Québec becomes a sovereign country. Then, we would gain our own voice on the international stage, as well as deciding what kind of government, and what kind of country, we want. Such a separation made in the best of terms with Canada would make it easier for everybody. It's not like Québec would sever ties with Canada completely. That would be massively stupid.

People that want separation because they just hate whatever is english really pain me. They really hurt the separation efforts more than anything... and hurt general relations as well since we're still, after all, Canadians.

Back on topic.

I will be working during Canada Day. I'm working for Videotron. On the phone. Wish me luck.
Amen, bien d'accord avec toi. I agree

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