Thread: Rumor: hossa to edmonton (e4)
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07-01-2008, 08:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Mackattack View Post
There's "making it work" and then there's "financially impossible".

I'm no capologist but even assuming Hossa signs for 8M a season, that means the Oilers would have to shed at least 4M bucks in salary just to make the cap, with zero wiggle room.

Sure they could try and dump Roloson, Souray, or Penner but how are you going to do that without taking some salary back in return?

If Lowe can do it, kudos to him... I just think putting a promising young team in a crippling cap situation isn't the brightest idea (see - Tampa Bay).
It's easy. Who exactly have the Thrashers acquired recently? They are still way below the floor. Wouldn't they have some mild interest in say Dustin Penner? Would LA rather have Khabby or Roloson who make less than half as much and isn't much of a downgrade? I think the secondary deals have already been established. Lowe's fall back if they don't get Hossa is just to stand pat with the current roster.

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