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07-01-2008, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
Im pissed, i'll admit, but I also know there is still plenty of time left for Sather to make it work, so i'm not worried..yet.

Pissed yes, worried, no.

I'm just upset over a few things:
-Redden 6 year deal at 6.5. While i'm happy we signed a sold dman, I am worried his off season turns into a regular thing with him. If thats the case then this signing will look so bad in 3 years when he is struggling and getting paid big bucks.
-Not making Orpik our #1 priority (well it doesnt/didnt seem like it). He was exactly what we needed on the back end and now it looks like he won't be a ranger since we cant afford to spend anymore money on defense and we need offense.
-Disappointed about not getting Rolston, but I understand he went where the better contract was. And i'm glad we didnt give him with the Devs did.
-Disappointed Sather played hardball with Rosy during the season and rejected his 4yr/20million offer but in the end he caved in and gave it to him anyway. Wasted time IMO and we could have been more focused going into July 1st not thinking about Rosy. Not upset over resigning him though.
-I'm fine with signing Voros because that SHOULD mean Hollweg is finally off the team for good
-Disappointed with the signing of Rissmiller because I don't see any reason for him on the team. A kid should have that 3rd or 4th line spot he will take up.
-Disappointed with the signing of the "swedish avery". Is this yet another roster spot that he will take up instead of a kid? I think he will be a complete waste and a joke 4th liner that will not help the team at all offensively.

So as you can see, i am disappointed at the moment. But i'm hoping Sather has much more of his sleeve.

But be sure of this, if he signs garbage to fills holes on our 1st and 2nd line (Satan, Vyborny, Cooke etc) then I will be royally pissed. The team will have no shot at the playoffs and I will let the be known through the whole offseason and can bet on that .

Work your magic Sather.
pretty much agree.

from the first day

-pissed about signing both Rozi and Redden, one would have good, both, why? almost like Gomez AND Drury except on D, just great.
-pissed about Rissmiller, agree with FLY, why? he's just taking a spot from a kid, like Byers
-Voros is good, Vally is great

my hittin it, got a full work day ahead of me tomorrow, won't be able to check the boards til I get off, probably around 7, hopefully Sather does something good.

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