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07-01-2008, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Homerocks View Post
I don't disagree that Edmonton could do very well, but they still only have a prospectively solid core. Until they prove themselves, they are still a team that had very poor seasons over the past two years.

The Pens and Habs proved that they are contenders this past year. Does that mean much for 08-09? Maybe, maybe not.
I agree... And The Oilers are not at Detroit's level, nor at Montreal's level or Pitts' level.

Oh ya, have you ever been to Edmonton?! I find it hard to take someone serious who's name is "HamrlikTheStud." I also find it funny how other people find ways to bash Edmonton or other teams just because their favorite team is going to lose out on a prized free agent.

Besides while Montreal may be more fun, players in Alberta don't have to pay taxes out their a**es! That's something Montreal has working against it and always will, so while you can deny it all you want, you should probably just accept it.

As for HamrlikTheStud as my nickname, you have not watched him play this past year. If so, you would perfectly understand why I and all Habs fans call him a stud.

And for taxes, keep in mind that the guy has the choice to sign in Pittsburgh to play with Crosby/Malkin, OR in Montreal, in the 100th anniversary of the franchise. This year is gonna be awesome in Montreal, an historic year, with a lot of talent loaded and with a team who showed a lot of promise last year... and who didn't have to count on shootouts to pass the 80 points bar.

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