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Originally Posted by Eesh View Post
Can someone please tell me what it is that they like so much about this guy??? Here is a list of his injuries over the past 3 seasons off TSN. He looks like a band aid to me, also he is a carear -82.

24-Jan-08 Missed 1 game (foot injury).
23-Jan-08 Foot injury, day-to-day.
20-Mar-07 Missed 5 games (hip injury).
08-Mar-07 Hip injury, day-to-day.
26-Jan-07 Missed 12 games (separated shoulder).
29-Dec-06 Separated shoulder, sidelined indefinitely.
20-Oct-06 Missed 6 games (heart abnormality).
05-Oct-06 Heart abnormality, day-to-day.
29-Jun-06 Re-signed by the St. Louis Blues.
04-Apr-06 Missed 14 games (broken left foot).
07-Mar-06 Broken left foot, early April.
12-Aug-05 Re-signed as a restricted free agent by the St. Louis Blues.
i think most of those injuries are due to his gritty and self sacrificing(shot blocking) style of play this is the reason people like him. as for the plus minus most people dont really think that is a great way of measuring a players worth, seeing as how johnson is no offensive dynamo his line scores less than the opposition and since he is a defensive player he is likely going against offensive lines.

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