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07-02-2008, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by TheAntiprice View Post
Komisarek 6 mill
Kovalev 5.5 mill
Plekanec 5 mill
Higgins 4.5 mill
Tanguay 4 mill
Koivu 4 mill
Chip 1 mill

that's about 30 million right there...let's not kid ourselves, we'll most likely lose at least 2 of these players...
You're dreaming big time if you believe Komi will get 6 mil.... max 4,5.... he doesn't produce as much as all the Dmen who get 5-6 mil.... land back on earth.

An aging player like Kovalev who would want to stay here will either resign for the same amount or less or go away, not 5,5 mil.

Higgins won't get 4,5 mil... make that a mil less.

And Koivu would be in the same situation as Kovy, So I think that the 4 mil you gave is an absolute MAX for Koivu.

Tanguay would still probably ask for at least 5 mil as he's in his prime.

So that makes what 29 mil?? And let's see what they will cost this year compared to your next year estimate...

Komi (1,7) Koivu (4,75) Kovalev (4,5) Tanguay (5,25) Plekanec (1,6) Higgins (1,7) Chips (1,0) =

So what??? it would be an increase of 8,5 millions on the cap, but that's not counting the rebate we would get by letting go Dandy, Bouillon, Begin and Kosto (or resigning them for less) and replacing them with youth. This would give an additional 3 mil of space on the cap... so what's left to add? (8,5 minus 3,0 mil = 5,5 mil)

If the cap rises, their is no problem resigning all of our players. If the cap stays the same, we'll have to let go ONE player of either Kovalev, Koivu or Tanguay to compensate for this rise of 5,5 mil on the cap.
And that's if we DO sign Sundin or Hossa, meaning we would still have that player, and the lost of either one of Kovy, Koivu or Tanguay won't be so bad...

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