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07-02-2008, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilers Chick View Post
So most of you here think that in getting Ryan Jones (not to mention a 2nd Rd. pick in next year's draft), the Preds made the wrong move. Gee, I'm wondering how many have actually SEEN Ryan play. I followed Ryan closely for four years at Miami. This past season, there were very few collegians that were as good as or better than Ryan, and that includes the myriad of first round picks that played this season.

As mentioned by a few here, Ryan brings a number of things to the table, but two things that no one has mentioned that he brings is heart and the right attitude. Yes, those ARE two important things. You can have all of the talent in the world, but if you don't have the heart and the right attitude to go with them, you're not getting very far. He cares about winnning, he cares about his team and there aren't many players in the collegiate ranks that you'll find who works and sacrifices as much or as hard as Ryan does. Part of what has made Ryan so successful is that he is truly a team-first kind of guy. Individual accolades mean nothing to him if his team aren't a part of them. I cannot even begin to count how many times throughout his college career, where Ryan basically either carried or jump started his team, whether it was in scoring that timely goal, mixing it up with an opposing players or simply giving his teammates a "pep talk". And to whoever posted earlier about Ryan being slow - you're kidding right?

Minnesota pressed Ryan to sign last summer. He declined and his reason wasn't because he wanted more money. It was because his Miami team had a legitimate shot at winning the National Championship this year and he wanted to be a part of it with his teammates and best friends. Furthermore, the extra year better prepares Ryan for the demands of pro hockey and he would be ready to give it his all. Now had the scenario in Miami been different coming into this season (07-08), Ryan might have left last summer.

Personally, I think the Preds did really well with this deal. I know Zidlicky is a good player and all, but I wouldn't underestimate what Ryan can do and bring for the Preds. I think all of you naysayers will be pleasantly surprised. He's a very skilled, multi-dimensional player with a very big heart. He's definitely not a guy you want mad at you on the ice, but he's a heckuva nice guy off of it.
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