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07-02-2008, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by 2forsbergaura1 View Post
It is days like this where I start to doubt if I still want to be a Rangers fan.

Lets see, we had some cap space, around $22 mill. We could have easily used it to sign Avery or Jagr or both. Instead, we went out and gave freaking Rozy the one who can't handle the playoffs Rozsival FIVE MILLION PER SEASON?!

Supposedly the GM says we want to win a Cup. Yet, factually, without Avery we win less than 50% of our games, with Avery we win about 75% of our games. So the guy that HELPS us win games, we decide to play games with, to belittle him by telling him that he can test the free agent market EARLY because hey, Sather is so SURE that NO OTHER TEAM(Dallas) would offer him even close to $4 mill (they gave him that pretty much, $15.5 mill for 4 years, which is $3.875 mill/year). Yet the guy that does NOT help us win, who totally sucked the 2nd half of the season and looked like a minor leaguer in the playoffs, that guy, Rozsival, we decide to give him a nice hefty $5 mill a season when most teams would not even give him $3 mill?????

See, some of you will say, oh, wait and see. I have done that before, with Ulanov, with Lefebre, with Malik, etc. Yes, that is about the kind of dmen I see Rozsival as, awkward, unreliable, and outmatched in the playoffs. So what is there to wait and see? Should I wait until he is 32, getting 20 points a season and a -15 while we still pay him $5 mill a season?

I am going to hold ONE person responsible for all this, Sather. He was ok with Edmonton when he was young and knew something about the NHL. Now he is old and still thinks he knows EVERYTHING while doing no work and vacationing most of the year. I compare him favorably to Bush, both are DILLUSIONAL, STUPID and ARROGANT. If Sather knew ANYTHING about the CURRENT NHL, he would know that guys like Avery are invaluable and that other teams WOULD afterall offer him around $4 mill a season. He would know that guys like Rozsival are a dime a dozen and instead of signing him he would have re-signed Avery and let guys like Sanguinetti play(or signed a cheaper dman like Commodore).

The whole situation repulses me. Avery was trully my favorite Ranger these past 2 seasons, and not just because of his antics, but mainly because he got the team going EVERY game and we played MUCH better as a team with him in the lineup. Our record with him and without him proves it.
If that's the way your logic works, go root for another team. Im not happy with the way things are working out this offseason, but I'm a Ranger fan first and foremost.

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