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07-02-2008, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Because a 2nd/3rd line winger whose ceiling is 20G/20A shouldn't get 4m?

Listen, I like Avery too, and in a perfect world I'd love to have him on the team next year, but bottom line you can't give a player like that 4 million, regardless what you think of his "influence" other then scoring. Not to mention 4 years, which for a player whose complete value is based off him being a agitator and having a physical presence is ludicrous in my mind.

Please don't even give me that record with him in the lineup or not ********, because the Rangers have a much better record with Malik in the lineup then not, why isn't he resigned then? Stats like that are hugely blown out of proportion.
But we can give Drury money like that for those numbers? oh ok I get it now....

I like Drury...but I think a lot of people on this board simply don't get it

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