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you already have a player doing that with Hemsky. hence why you can overpay Hossa a little (if he goes for 9 million thats about a 1-1.5 million overpay. he would have got 8 million from someone else easily). you also have prospects like Gagner and Cogs outplaying their rookie contracts. you also have an underpaid Horcoff currently. you also have more prospects coming up in the near future.

if you really think you can just find players to outplay their contracts, without FLEECING the player like Detroit tries to (Datsyuk), good luck. especially in Edmonton. and if youre worried about players outplaying their contract, why is everyone fine with Moreau and Pisani's contracts? and if you dont think Hossa brings any intangibles like those players do outside of the points he puts up - you obviously dont watch his game. hes defensively solid and will make him and Horcoff on a line look like absolute studs. he was in the top 10 for takeaways in the entire NHL with 66. both are FAST players who backcheck hard. what does that do? it helps your defense immensely. or would you rather have someone like Jagr who is a backchecking nightmare, cherry picker and is heartless? "but hes cheaper." and if you dont try to get better players like Hossa, it just makes the depth of your team that much worse. it makes Penner play on the top line, which isnt even where he belongs regardless of the "chemistry" he had putting up 40 points on a top line.
buddy how do you call Jagr heartless

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